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HCi was established in 2000. We provide services to new and existing commercial buildings, industrial parks, and high density residential developments throughout Ontario. Utilizing internal resources augmented by professional services from its strategic partnerships, HCi has assembled a professional management team.  Our team has  extensive knowledge of the development industry (commercial and residential) as well as computer, marketing, accounting, and sales expertise.

HCi, using its depth of knowledge of the Electrical Utility service market and Development Industry, has negotiated exclusive service packages with suppliers.  Our mandate is  to develop and deliver a service and product offering which focuses on minimizing client costs, maximizing profitability for HCi and improving client corporate communications. HCi will continue to work with its partners to research and develop technology benefiting our clients and exceeding industry standards.

HCi currently operates under Federal certification, classified as a Revenue Billing Contractor (RBC) certificate # 30624. This certification allows HCI to operate under the guidelines of the Federal Electricity and Gas Inspection Act and Regulations, governed by the Federal Government through Measurement Canada.  HCI continues to work in co-operation with the Ministry of Energy, the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) and the Independent Market Operator (IMO), the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA), as well as,  other agencies responsible for wind, solar, hydraulic and alternate energy initiatives.

Unit Sub-Meter Providers are licensed by the Ontario Energy Board [OEB]. The OEB is granted regulatory duties by the Energy Competition Act, 1998 and administers their regulatory duties through a series of Codes.  HCI has been issued Smart Sub-Metering Licence ES-2007-0925.



HCi is a service company that puts the interests of its clients first at all times. We adhere to a professional code of behavior that stresses impartially, objectivity, professional courtesy, forthright conduct and integrity while dealing with clients, suppliers, strategic partners, fellow consultants and employees.



Using technologically advanced metering systems, information gathering systems, and best of breed administration systems, HCi provides the full suite of services required of a licensed Unit Sub-Meter provider as mandated by the Ontario Energy Board.  We deliver this essential service while providing lower costs of operations and a higher rate of return for investors.


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